Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring-Mother, may I?

One of the first things I think about when putting together an outfit is Mother Nature.  Weather is the foundation for a great outfit…so say what you will about SLC, but one thing I truly love about my lil city is the fact that I get to experience all four seasons.  I love them all and especially love the fashion that comes with each. 

With Fall (my fav fashion season!) comes opportunity to show your laying skills, whether it be with a great scarf or a leather jacket and you can’t forget the oversized sweater, and last but not least…hello, boot season! Best part of all, these fall pieces can easily be transitioned to winter weather.  Winter is one of the comfiest seasons in that you can stay warm, cozy and chic just by investing in a nice winter boot and coat.  Throw on a beanie and you’re an instant snow bunny J

And aah yes, Spring/Summer! As soon as I see those lil hints of spring and warm weather, I’m instantly revived and suddenly I have a strong motivation to freshen my life and make everything around me beautiful.  I suddenly can’t wait to deep clean my home and my car and of course get fresh myself! Even though the weather has been anything but warm, I’ve totally got the hots for these pieces shown below and I can’t wait for Mother Nature to give me the go ahead ;)

Men, I didn’t forget about you, below are some of my spring/summer picks for you too.

Love these gray jeans.  Dress em up or dress em down, either way you'll catch her eye ;)

 Partna let me upgrade

Perfect Spring/Summer T!

All these styles can be mimicked to fit your budget by the way, enjoy!

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